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MD-82 Tear Down

D3 Aviation is proud to announce the purchase of American Airlines MD-82, Tail No. NN442AA, aircraft tear down is underway.

Updates soon to come..


NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) has awarded D3 Aviation, Inc. An ARRA contract, the contract includes the overhaul of their DC-8-72 Primary Flight Control Surfaces. D3 Aviation is presently working on this contract in conjunction with Aviation Flight Control Services (AFCS). The length of the Recovery contract is expected to continue from the award date of May 2010 until November 2010.

Outreach Current Events

Haiti Relief Donation Drive:

D3 Aviation was compelled to help survivors of the recent earthquake in Haiti. The worst natural disaster to strike the Western Hemisphere in the past century, estimates of the number of the casualties are as high as 200,000, more than one million people were left homeless, and hundreds of thousands were injured. Within a two day period of hearing of the devastation D3 Aviation had already organized in conjunction with the Salvation Army a relief supplies drive. Together we are able to accomplish collecting the basic essentials for the surviving community – everything from food and water, to clothing and shoes, medical supplies and much more!


Camillus House Monthly Donation Drive:

What most people would consider basic “givens” –enjoying a hot meal, having a safe place to sleep, getting cleaned up, and finding appropriate clothing-can present extreme challenges for men and women who are homeless and trying to get back on their feet. Donations from D3 Aviation help individuals served through Camillus House’s shower and clothing programs. Not only does this donation go directly to the people who need it most in out community, but it also helps to keep Camillus House’s cost down, which is especially important during these tough economic times enabling the organization to continue to reach out to our community.


Vietnam Veterans of America Monthly Donation Drive:

We here at D3 Aviation are proud of our country and those that serve for it. D3 Aviation is dedicated to assisting disabled and needy military veterans including but not limited to, Vietnam-era veterans and their dependants, and the windows and orphans of deceased veterans. Through donation drives we strive to help serve those who have died serving us as individuals and together as a nation.



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Haiti Donation Drive

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